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ACD, commonly known as Automatic Call Distributor, is a telephony software that receives the calls and routes them to the best available agent, team, or IVR, based on predefined routing rules. The ACD system utilizes a rule-based routing strategy based on instructions that dictate how inbound calls are handled and directed.

With skill-based and intelligent routing, ACD software helps the inbound call center avoid common mistakes and follow a logical path to be more productive. It streamlines communication, preventing the overloading of call systems and ensuring that callers don’t wind up in a permanent loop or queue too long, improving their overall experience.

For seamless call handling, ACD routes the call to an agent-based on business hours, call traffic, customer’s past interactions, behavioral transactions, and customer preference, ensuring that each caller gets a unique experience.

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Voice Broadcast Solutions

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Increase Team Efficiency

With an automatic call distribution system, you can route each inbound call to the right agent by configuring the routing algorithm.

Immediate Response to Callers

Deliver personalized customer experience based on customer’s preferences, past interactions, and IVR selections.

Flawless Routing of Calls

Route the calls flawlessly from one campaign to another with the complete context using defined campaign level routing rules.

Resource Optimization

With an efficient routing algorithm, the agents can use their expertise to solve a caller’s problems rather than indulging in activities outside their scope.

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How does an ACD work?

Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) distributes the calls to the right agents based on predefined parameters to help the caller reach the best-suited agent, ensuring that the customer’s query is resolved instantly. The most suitable agent takes the call and resolves the issue.

Caller information and identification

The first step of ACD is asking the caller’s purpose and the information or identification through an IVR. Companies can use Caller ID systems to determine the customer’s native language and location.

Call Queueing

The next step is arranging the call queue and sort the callers into a waiting list as per agents’ availability and suitability. Using the routing algorithm, the ACD will consider the traffic volume, time of the day, queue wait times, and the department on the receiving end of the call. ACD determines queue order based on several factors such as status, waiting time, query

Call Distribution

Call centers allow the ACD to distribute the caller to an agent that’s best equipped to handle their concern with the information gathered in the previous steps. Popular distribution methods include: fixed order distribution, simultaneous distribution, time-based routing, and agent talk time