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CRM for Clinic Management

Cozy Vision launches CRM for Physician or Clinics to help them manage clinical operations, medications and relationship with patients.Built upon few years of rigorous efforts, we have elaborately created fully browser based ( BUI ) software that consolidates information from scattered sources like.

CRM need for the hospital is very different from other businesses. The CRM needs to address specific requirements and processes of the hospital while dealing with Enquiries of a medical need from a patient. The medical CRM adds huge value to the hospital as it is created with the fundamentals of healthcare processes and practices.

You can also delegate responsibilities to

  • Fellow doctors

  • Instruct nurses to give medications time-to-time

  • Ensure proper dispensary before you start working on case

  • It’s cloud based

  • Provide your patients first class forms to fill comprehensive set of information

  • It automates day-to-day tasks

  • It sends reminders

  • Accept payments

  • Refer laboratory, another doctor or any facility not available in-house

Clinic Management Software

In view of the increasing number of patients in the clinic, it has become very difficult for doctors and other staff members of the clinic to take care of each and every patient. With the use of clinic management software, they can handle a heavy influx of patients. As a web-based software, it automates various tasks associated with the treatment of a patient scheduling an appointment with a doctor, storing database of a patient that includes prescriptions, billing and reports and hosting it on cloud.



Auto-Create billing during


Multi Clinic Management

Manage Multiple Clinics
using a single software.


Alerts and Notifications

See system generated notifications based
on your own user type for actions to
be done, reminders or new.