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The best email hosting platforms offer more than just a domain name. They also help your business thrive. Find the right one here.
As a small business owner, you're going to rely on emails a lot. You need them to touch base with customers, stand out from competitors, and manage operations. Using the best email service is necessary to drive up productivity and revenue.
But finding the right platform can be hard. Especially if you don't know what you need yet.

What is Email Hosting & Why You Should Get It

Business owners know that a consistent brand boosts reliability. And that's why most enterprises invest in their web and email hosting providers. To have disciplined branding.

Email hosting provides you with a business email that matches your domain name (name@yourbusiness.com). It also gives you:

  • A professional business email
  • Secure emails, messages, and other company data
  • Receive technical support from service providers
  • Large and sometimes expandable storage space
  • Collaborative tools that make work easier
  • It's simple. People are more likely to choose services from a professional-looking email. If you were a customer, which one would you trust more:

    Most people would go for the second option. It's distinct and blunt. And anyone who sees that address will instantly know what it is for.
    Getting a domain name isn't just for the aesthetic—it's purely business. It shows how much you're willing to go for your brand. It's your proof that you care, even for the tiniest details.

    It Only Takes a Few Clicks to Set It Up


    Choose an Email Hosting Plan

    Running a new business? Go with the ₹69.00/month Business Starter plan. If you need more resources, the ₹179.00/month Business Premium plan is perfect. Note that prices are per mailbox.


    Proceed to Checkout

    Select the number of mailboxes and subscription period. Once you’ve completed the payment process, you will arrive at your hosting account dashboard.


    Configure Your Email Hosting

    Finally, create an email account, set up the DNS settings, and sync your email to other devices. All that’s left to do is to send your emails.

    Key Features

    Here you get great inbox systems with filtering, labels, and grammar tools.
    You also get to work with extensive productivity tools like Sheets, Keep, Slides, Calendar, and more. Plus, with Gmail, you can integrate apps like Notion and Asana into your inbox. And get updates directly into your mail.
    Plus, the Workspace is highly intuitive so even beginners can navigate the platform. This will come in handy whether you're working with managers who struggle to comprehend new tech. They also have monthly payments that you can cancel anytime.
    But there's a caveat. Workspace has limited storage plans and low attachment limits. Big files are converted into Google Drive links, which can be a hassle to open. Users also get ads in their emails.
    Finally, you would also have to pay extra to get increments of storage space. The domain is also a separate purchase from the email hosting.

    Best For

    It may be a great option for big businesses, but there are cheaper options for startups and one-man teams. If you aren't going to take advantage of their integrations and tools, you are better off with other options.